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How to Export Transactions via a File Download to QuickBooks® Desktop or QuickBooks Online

Since PEX and our partner bank cannot be sourced from the list of popular banks located from your QuickBooks account, completing this step will allow you to successfully import data from PEX into QuickBooks.

Before beginning your export, please follow the steps to Set up your PEX account in QuickBooks Desktop or Set up your PEX account in QuickBooks Online.

Exporting Transactions to QuickBooks Desktop:

* The screenshot examples below are from QuickBooks Pro 2016. 

  1. Click the "Export" tab on the PEX Admin Site

  2. Click the tab titled "Export To QuickBooks"
  3. Select Start and End dates for the export
    IMPORTANT: To avoid creating duplicate records in QuickBooks, select dates not previously exported
  4. Click the green "Export to QuickBooks" button at page bottom. This will download a file ending in .qbo to the folder you select.

  5. Once the download completes, double click your downloaded file ending in .qbo to open the file in QuickBooks
  6. Select the "Import new transactions now" option and click "OK"
  7. Select the bank account you wish to import the transactions in to on the right
  8. Click "Continue". The QuickBooks dialog box will appear indicating data was successfully imported
  9. Click the "Transaction List". Imported transactions will appear creating the opportunity to add the payee, account and either accept or delete the transaction. Under the ACTION column, you can select Quick Add, or Add More Details to include more information.  The Memo field will include the Cardholder name by default

Exporting Transactions to QuickBooks Online:

  1. Follow steps 1 - 4 above to generate and download a .qbo file.
  2. Choose the "File Upload" button on the QuickBooks banking page. Locate the file just saved and choose 'open'.
  3. Click "Next"
  4. Select the bank account you wish to import the transactions in to
  5. Click "Next" and confirm the import
  6. Click "Next" and return to the Banking tab to view your transactions

For help troubleshooting with QuickBooks imports, see Troubleshooting PEX and QuickBooks

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