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How To Manage Cards from the Search Window

 You can use the Search function on the Administrator Site to manage many cards at once.

Administrators can use Search to:

  1. Locate Cards
  2. Block Cards
  3. Fund Cards
  4. Defund Cards
  5. Change Card Balances
  6. Change Card Status (Inactive, Active, Blocked, Closed)
  7. Assign Groups
  8. Edit Groups
  9. Edit Rulesets

How to Manage Cards from the Search Window in the Administrator Site:

  1. Log into the Administrator Site
  2. Click the "Cards" tab
  3. Click "Search" in the blue bar
  4. Select your desired search parameters from the dropdown menus
  5. Type relevant details in the blank field
  6. Click "+" or "x" to add or to remove filter choices
    • You can add search criteria to give more refined results
  7. Click the green Search button


Select search criteria in the dropdown menu. Click the green “Search” button.

 How to Manage Cards with Positive Card Balances:

  1. To see all cardholders with positive card balances, select “Greater than” in the dropdown menu
  2. Enter “0” in the blank field
  3. Click the green “Search” button.


    Select "Greater than 0." Click the green Search button.

  4. You can now apply a variety of actions, to some of them, or to all of them, including:
    • Change card Status
    • Assign to Groups
    • Assign Rulesets
    • Change Card Balances
  5. You apply the same action to every cardholder whose name you check
    • When you check all cardholder names, you update them all


You can apply changes to all cardholders whose names are checked



  • Changes are confirmed immediately onscreen, but it may take several minutes to see updates on the cards




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