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Tips for Keeping Your PEX Account Safe

PEX takes the security of your account very seriously.

You can help safeguard your PEX account by taking specific actions, including:

  1. Safeguard Your Password
    • Change your PEX password regularly
    • Do not share your PEX password with anyone else
    • Do not use the same password for PEX that you use for any other websites
    • If you use a shared computer to access PEX, then do not store your password in the web browser
      • If you get a prompt asking if the web browser can remember your PEX password for you, say NO
  2. Do not share your Administrator account with others
    • Create additional Administrators instead
  3. Monitor Cardholder transactions regularly
    • Set a policy for Cardholders to monitor transactions regularly
  4. Use the PEX Administrator website to set meaningful Spend Rules on your cards, to reduce the chance of abuse
  5. Disable International use of PEX cards if there’s no need for it
  6. Defund and close (terminate) unused cards
  7. Terminate Administrator accounts for former employees.
  8. Use the PEX Mobile app (iOS and Android) to stay on top of your account activity on-the-go 

If you see suspicious transactions on your account, then contact us immediately:





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