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How To Connect PEX with Expensify

To view PEX cardholder transactions from your Expensify account, complete the following steps.

  1. Log into your Expensify account
  2. Set up or ensure you already have a Corporate policy and that Domain Control is enabled.  Information about Corporate policy and Domain Control can be found here
  3. Once Corporate policy and Domain Control are turned on, navigate to Admin > Domain Control > [select domain] > Company Cards (from within Expensify)
  4. Click the "Import Card/Bank" button
  5. Log in using the credentials (user name and password) for your "master" PEX Administrator. This is the first administrator created for your PEX Account
  6. Once logged in, assign each card to the respective user

NOTE: Commercial Feed and Visa Feeds are not needed in this process.  Expensify is a PEX partner and imports all transactional data directly via the PEX API.

Please direct questions about your Expensify account to

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