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Setting Spend Rules for a Card

Spend rules can be added to cards to designate where, and how the cards can be used. It helps decrease the potential for fraud and misuse of the card. Once spend rules are set or updated on a card, it takes effect immediately.

  1. Click: "Cards" above blue bar
  2. Locate and click Cardholder's name
  3. Click: "Spend Rules" under the second blue bar, and to the right
  4. You may select the correct boxes of the Merchant Categories section according to your desired spend rule.
  5. Once you make your spend rule selections, click the green "Update" button at the bottom. The spend rules will take effect immediately
  6. If you would like to remove a spend rule category from a card, follow the steps above and remove the check from the box of that category, and click the green "Update" button at the bottom >

Note: You can apply the same rule to multiple cards simultaneously using custom rulesets, currently available with selected plans.

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