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How to Fund by Bank ACH

If you need to have funds in your account within two (2) business days, then PEX recommends that you fund your account by Bank ACH.

  • Please note that your bank may charge for this service

If you have multiple PEX business accounts, each separate account will have a unique account number that begins with “926xxx.”

How to Fund Your Account by Bank ACH:

  1. Log into the Administrator Site
  2. Click the “Transfers” tab 
  3. Click “ACH Instructions” on the blue bar
  4. Provide your bank with the listed information
    • Your bank may want to verify the accuracy of the account number by sending two small credit amounts to your PEX account
  5. Once set-up is complete, begin the transfers
  6. Within two (2) business days, log into PEX to see the completed transfer



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