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How to Create Admins

There are a few simple steps to create additional Administrators on the Administrator Site.

The primary Administrator has full permissions, and can create new Administrators and set their permissions.

How to Create a New Administrator:

  1. Log into the Administrator Site
  2. Click the "Administrators" tab 
  3. Click "Create a new admin" on the blue bar
  4. Enter the name of the new Administrator
  5. Enter the address
    • This is usually the address of your business
  6. Enter the business phone number
  7. Enter the new Administrator's email address
  8. Enter the new Administrator's date of birth (MM/DD/YYYY)
  9. Select the permissions you want to extend to the new Administrator
  10. Click the green "Create administrator" button at the bottom


    Click the green “Create administrator” button 

  11. The new Administrator will receive an email instructing him/her how to complete the "First Time Login" steps
  12. The new Administrator will then be able to access the Administrator Site



You may find this article useful to help with the first time login steps for Administrators: "How to Complete Admin 'First time login'"

You may also find this article useful if you would like to delete an Administrator: “How to Remove Admins




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