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How to Complete Admin "First time login"

When new Administrators are added to the Administrator Site, they will receive an email instructing them on how to complete the "First time login." Once completed, they will be able to gain access to the site.

How to Complete Administrator "First Time Login" through the Administrator Site (

  1. Go to the Administrator Site
  2. Click "First time login?"


    Click "First time login?"

  3. Enter email address
    • If this address is different from the Administrator's actual email address, please inform the Administrator
  4. Enter the Verification code provided in the email notification
  5. Enter four (4) digit year of birth, e.g., 1985
    • If this year is different from the Administrator's actual year of birth, please inform the Administrator
  6. Click the green "Submit" button


    Enter Email address, Verification code, and Year of Birth. Click the green "Submit" button.

  7. Create a username
    • The username must be unique
    • The username must contain letters, numbers and some special characters (@, period, or underscore)
    • No spaces allowed
  8. Choose a password and re-enter it
    • The password must be 8-11 characters
    • The password must contain letters, numbers, and special characters
    • No spaces allowed
  9. Create a security question and answer
  10. Click the green "Submit" button
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