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How to Add Card Transaction Notes (Cardholder Site)

Cardholders can add Notes to their card transactions through the Cardholder Site. Notes are a good way to record the details of transactions (client, project, place, Purchase Order, etc.).

How to Add Card Transaction Notes through the Cardholder Site:

  1. Log into the Cardholder Site
  2. Click on the "My account" tab
  3. Click on "Transaction history" in the blue bar
  4. Navigate to the transaction
  5. Click on "Add note"


    Click "Add note"

  6. Write the note in the "Add a new note" field (up to 260 characters)
  7. Click the green "Add note" button


    Write the note. Click the green "Add note" button

  8. The note is now added to the transaction record
    • You can edit the note
    • You can delete the note by clicking on the "x" next to it
  9. You can add another note


The note is in the Transaction record


You may find this article useful if the cardholder needs to set up a user profile to access the Cardholder Site: "How to Create a New Cardholder User Account"



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