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Using a PEX Card to Rent a Car

Limiting Car Rentals with the PEX Card

Business Administrators can prevent a cardholder from being able to rent a car with the PEX card by updating the Spend Rules for that cardholder.

  1. To restrict all car rentals, navigate to the Category table on the Spend Rules tab for the cardholder.
  2. Uncheck the boxes under the column "Travel & Transportation"
  3. The Card will then decline at all merchants within that category, including car rental companies, airlines, railroads, taxis, buses, and gas stations.
  4. Even if Travel & Transportation is not available to the cardholder (as described above), the Administrator can allow the cardholder to rent cars by creating a Custom Merchant Category which contains rental car companies that you want the cardholder to use, and giving the cardholder access to it.


Changes to Spend Rules are real-time, so be sure to inform the cardholder of them.


For information on how to set or update spend rules, see "How to Set Spend Rules on a Card" and "Managing Custom Merchant Categories".

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