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Creating Merchant Category Transaction Limits

Admins may now set a per transaction dollar limit for any merchant category using a spending rule. This feature is useful to ensure that company spending policies are enforced by declining transactions that exceed company maximums and allowing only anticipated levels of spending.

This makes it easier than ever to control employee spending by limiting transaction amounts at restaurants, on transportation, and more.

When you create or modify a spending rule, you’ll see a max purchase box to the right of the merchant category.  Any single transaction will be limited to the amount you enter in that box.


  • The max purchase limit will be applied to single transactions, but does not apply to aggregate transaction volume.  For example, if a merchant category limit is set to $100 a $101 transaction will be declined, but multiple $99 transactions will be approved as long as there is sufficient card balance.
  • When you enable two separate merchant categories that contain one or more of the same MCCs, a warning message will appear advising that this can create conflicts.  The lower max purchase limit will be applied when there is more than one max purchase limit that is associated with an MCC.
  • If you enter a daily spend limit, you cannot enter any max purchase limit that is greater than the daily spend limit. If you do so, you will receive an error message and won’t be able to continue until the conflict is resolved.
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