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Release Notes 16.0

May 29, 2018

The 16.0 release includes improvements and bug fixes for our admin and cardholder websites, as well as PEX mobile and the PEX API.

Feature Releases

1: Custom ID for Employee Tracking and 3rd Party Integrations

Attention: Admin and cardholder users

Addition of custom ID and email to settlement details report (html & csv) and addition of custom ID to the spend by card report.

2: Ability to “unreview” transactions and attachments

Attention: Admin and cardholder users

Ability to mark transactions and receipt attachments as “unreviewed”. This is useful for admins who may have mistakenly marked a transaction and attachments as approved or rejected. One can mark the transaction and attachments as "unreviewed" and then change the status to approved or rejected.

3: QuickBooks™️ Desktop Sync

Attention: Admin users

The new QuickBooks™️ Desktop sync allows admins to transactions, tags and memos directly into QuickBooks Desktop. This feature currently supports syncing with the U.S. editions of QuickBooks Financial:  QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions (2015 or later), QuickBooks Premier (2015 or later), and QuickBooks Pro (2015 or later). For more information about QuickBooks please visit

This feature is currently an invite-only feature members of the PEX Early Access Program. Please contact your Customer Success manager to enroll in the Early Access Program.


Bug Fixes and Improvements

Attention: Admin, Cardholder and API users

Bug fixes and improvements for PEX’s web, mobile and API products.


PRO: Update Merchant Category Group details with link to MCC numbers and descriptions


Fixed bug preventing cardholders with multiple cards from being closed


Added error message detailing failed tag import when tag value is greater than 200 characters


Improved usability of forgot password functionality for both admins and cardholders


Fixed issue where business names are cut off in linked business accounts


Reports can now include up to 3 months of activity, and a maximum of 1,100,000 records


Addressed a problem preventing some users from being able to manage businesses with multiple programs


Addressed a problem preventing some users from being able to manage reports for businesses with multiple programs

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