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Release Notes 19.0

Aug 29, 2018

Feature Releases

1: Funding requests, approvals and automatic funding

Attention: Admin and cardholder users

Admins can now enable cardholder funding requests via the business settings screen. By enabling cardholder funding requests, admins give their cardholders the ability to submit requests for funds. Administrators can enable email notifications of incoming requests, or view them in the admin application. If an administrator approves a funding request, the appropriate amount will be immediately funded to the cardholder’s card and the cardholder will receive an emailed notification of the funding. Administrators can also reject funding request and send an optional message back to the cardholder.

This feature is currently an invite-only feature members of the PEX Early Access Program. Please contact your Customer Success manager to enroll in the Early Access Program.

Bug Fixes and Improvements


Ability to define custom Payee name in Quickbooks desktops sync configuration.


Addition of a "Tracking number" column to the table displaying card orders for easy reference


Fixed bug preventing searching for cards based on multiple date criteria


Updated bulk card order CSV processing logic to ignore whitespace preceding or following column data


Admins can view cardholder usernames on the cardholder profile page

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