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Declined Card Transactions (PEX Declines vs Merchant Declines)

PEX card transactions may be declined for a variety of reasons, either by the PEX system or by the merchant.

PEX Card Declines

When PEX declines a transaction, the decline is typically a function of spending parameters set by your Administrator, e.g.,:

  • An insufficient fund balance on the card
  • The transaction amount exceeds a spend limit on the card
  • The transaction is not permitted at a certain class of merchant (e.g., Retail Stores)

Your Administrator and PEX can verify the reason for all transactions declined by PEX.

 Merchant Card Declines

When a merchant declines a PEX card transaction, unfortunately, neither your Administrator nor PEX can see exactly why the merchant declined it.

The PEX team can often help determine the reason for the decline, however, and so it is often useful to contact Customer Support.

Contact PEX at 866-685-0898.

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