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Disputed Transactions

There are two types of disputed transactions:

  1. Merchant Goods or Services
  2. Fraudulent Charges

Merchant Disputes -- Goods or Services

A cardholder can have a dispute with a merchant for many reasons (that do not involve fraud):

  1. Duplicate or incorrect charges
  2. Goods delivered that were not what was ordered
  3. Services that were unsatisfactory

In the case of a disputed transaction with a merchant, you or your Administrator should notify PEX Client Services immediately.

  • Disputes must be reported no later than sixty (60) calendar days after the transaction is posted to the card account


Cardholders often resolve these matters most quickly when they contact the merchant directly, although PEX will of course process disputes with merchants on the cardholder’s behalf.


Fraudulent Charges

Similarly, in some instances, when Cardholders report fraudulent charges directly to merchants, they are credited faster than when PEX reports them.

  • PEX Client Services will also process fraudulent charge disputes to ensure that the investigation is started


For more information on reporting disputed charges, please consult your Administrator, or review the PEX Services Agreement.

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