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What is a Pending Transaction?

A Pending Transaction refers to a purchase made with a PEX card. When the cardholder uses the PEX Card to make a purchase, the merchant asks PEX to authorize the transaction.

When PEX approves a request to authorize a card transaction, in most cases PEX places an “authorization hold” on the cardholder account. The “authorization hold” is displayed as a pending transaction in the transaction list, and it reduces the available balance of the Card by the amount of the requested transaction.

The authorization hold generally expires:

    1. When the transaction posts to the cardholder account
    2. Or, five (5) business days after the transaction request, whichever occurs first

There are a few exceptions to this rule: hotels, car and limousine rentals, and taxi service may show an authorization hold for up to sixty (60) days.

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