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How to Add Notes to a Card Transaction (Administrator Site)

Administrators can add Transaction Notes to cardholder transactions, which is a good way to record the details of those transactions, e.g., P.O. number, project name, event, special circumstances.

Only Administrators can read and modify Administrators' Notes.

Cardholders cannot see Administrator’s notes on the Cardholder Site or in the Cardholder Mobile App, unless the Administrator gives permission.

How to add Transaction Notes to a Cardholder Transaction, Using the Administrator Site:

  1. Log into the Administrator Site
  2. Click the “Card” tab
  3. Click “Card List”
  4. Locate the cardholder's name
  5. Click on the cardholder's name
  6. Locate and click on the cardholder transaction
  7. Click "Add note" at the bottom right of the transaction window
  8. Type your comments on the Note
  9. Click the green "Add note" button
    • Check the box to make the Note visible to the Cardholder



Click the green "Add note" button to add a Note to the transaction record

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