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How to Approve or Reject a Cardholder Request

In order to be able to approve or reject requests made by cardholders, an administrator must have the “Funding of Cards” permission. To check administrator permissions, please see How to Set and Review Administrator Permissions.

Note: Approving a request will automatically and immediately fund the cardholder's account with the requested amount of funds. The cardholder will receive a notification of the status change.

Although multiple administrators may receive notifications when a cardholder submits a request, only one administrator can approve or reject the request. 

To View Requests via the Administrator Website:

Pending requests are noted in a "bubble" in the top navigation to the left of your name:

Clicking this icon will display a list of pending requests.

Administrators can also review Requests by choosing “Funding requests” under the main "Cards" navigation tab.

To approve or reject a request, hover your mouse over the appropriate request details. On the right hand side, you will see two buttons to quick approve or reject. After clicking a button, you will be given the option to add a note.

Clicking on a given request will show the details of the cardholder who submitted the request. The approve and reject buttons.

To View Requests via the Mobile App:

Open the mobile app and log in as an administrator. On the "Dashboard" screen, you will see an option titled "Cardholder Requests". Tap this option to display a list of pending requests.

Swipe left on a pending request to quickly approve or reject the request. You will be given the option to add an optional note and confirm the approval or rejection.

Tapping on the Request will display the full request details. You can approve or reject the request via the buttons on the bottom of the screen.


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