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What are PEX Requests?

PEX Requests are only available with selected plans.

PEX is introducing the ability for cardholders to ask for something from administrators. Requests are the vehicle to support efficient communication within the PEX platform. Cardholders can now ask administrators to add funds to their account. Most requests will include notifications of some kind alerting both users to a requests’ creation and change in status, as well as a dedicated section and feed containing current and older requests.

PEX Requests can exist in several states:

All recently created requests begin in this status. When a request is submitted by a cardholder and until the cardholder or administrator makes a final decision on the request, all requests remain in this status.

The administrator has not made a final decision on this request.

The administrator reviewed/made a final decision to approve the request. When a request changes status from pending to approved, the cardholder will receive the approved amount of funding immediately.

The administrator reviewed/made a final decision disapproving the request. No funds will be disbursed to the cardholder.

A request can be canceled when the cardholder withdraws or "cancels" a “pending” request. Only cardholders can cancel a “pending” request. Once “approved” or “rejected” the cardholder is unable to change the status.

For more details on how to approve or reject a request, please see: How to Approve or Reject Cardholder Requests.

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