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How To Add PEX to Your QuickBooks® Desktop Account

First, manually create an account in the QuickBooks chart of accounts. Since PEX and our partner bank cannot be sourced from the list of popular banks located from your QuickBooks account, completing this step will allow you to successfully import data.

To set up the PEX "bank account":

  1. Select "Company--Chart Of Accounts" from the Menu Bar
  2. Select "New" from the Chart of Accounts Status Bar
  3. Account Type: Select "Bank”
  4. Choose Continue, then create the name for the PEX account. 
  5. Click "Save" and then "Close"


  • Many customers choose to use PEX as the bank name.
  • If you have now, or if you may have multiple PEX accounts in the future, consider using PEX along with the name of the business (e.g., PEX John's Theater Co, PEX Kelly's Events Inc).
  • You should set up a PEX account in QuickBooks for each account before the first export of transactions can be completed.

To import PEX transactions into QuickBooks Desktop via a file download, see "How to Export Transactions via a File Download to Quickbooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online."

Alternately, if you wish to set up a sync between QuickBooks Desktop and PEX, please see "Sync Transactions with QuickBooks Desktop."

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