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Common problems related to importing PEX transactions into QuickBooks include:

Account Reconciliation

  1. Your PEX account and your QuickBooks balance do not match
    • Note that PEX statements and the .qbo file export only include settled transactions
      • Pending transactions, which appear in the card transaction history, are not final (because the transaction month and amount may change)
      • Pending transactions should not be entered into QuickBooks
  2. Your PEX statement and your QuickBooks balance do not match
    • Be sure that the time period of the statement matches the .qbo file export start and end dates. The default statement period is a calendar month.

Finding the PEX Account Number

  1. I Cannot find my PEX account number
    • The unique number for your PEX Account (a 13 digit number) is listed on the Transfers / ACH Instructions page of the Administrator website
    • You must log in to retrieve your account number
    • Note: If you have multiple PEX Accounts, each PEX Account will have its own unique account number.

Reports and File Exports

  1. My file is missing older transactions
    • A maximum of 3 months of transactions can be exported at one time
    • PEX makes the last 12 months of spend available on the Administrator  Site
    • Older months can be sourced by emailing the request, with the desired time period and file type (.qbo or .csv), to
    • PEX will email the information to you
  2. Limiting the file to a single cardholder account
    • The export contains all transactions that affect the PEX Account balance, including:
      • ACH Transfers
      • Wire Transfers
      • Fees
      • Merchant Purchases and Returns
    • All cards are included -- there is no .qbo file export per single PEX Card Account
  3. Missing Transaction tags and/or notes
    • Transaction tags and notes cannot be included in the .qbo export file

File Types

  1. Unable to Import the File
    • Note: Only .qbo, .ofx, and .csv files are available.
    • PEX does not support .qfx 
    • Please contact Intuit for file conversion options

Missing Transactions

  1. Expected transactions do not appear in the exported file
    • Only settlements appear in the export and statement files
    • If a merchant has not completed the transaction process within 14 days, then:
      • The pending transaction will no longer appear on the card account
      • There is no record of that transaction in the export
      • If you have a receipt, but there is no settlement, then please call the merchant


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