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How to Activate a New PEX Card

Once a Cardholder has received the PEX Business Prepaid card, a Business Administrator for their organization can activate the card.

How to Activate a New PEX Card:

  1. Log into the Administrator Site
  2. Click the "Cards" tab 
  3. Click “Card list” in the blue bar
  4. Locate the Cardholder's name
  5. Click the dropdown under States that says "Inactive"
  6. Select "Active"


Click “Active” Status to activate the new PEX Card


If you want to activate multiple cards, you may want to read "How to Activate Multiple Cards"

To learn how to fund a PEX card, read "How to Quick Fund a Card"

If you want to learn how to search cards based on specific criteria, please see "How to Search Cards"

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