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Creating a Custom Merchant Category

Custom merchant categories are currently available with selected plans.

How to Create a Custom Merchant Category:

  1. Log into the Administrator Site
  2. Click the "Cards" tab
  3. Click “Merchant categories” in the blue bar
    • Any existing custom categories will be listed, along with their descriptions, and the number of cardholders who are assigned that category
  4. Click the green “Create new custom category” button


    Click the green “Create new custom category” button

  5. On the “Create a custom merchant category” page, select one of the following options:
    • New empty category:
      • Start from scratch
      • Add the Visa MCCs that you want to include in the new custom category
    • New category based on an existing category
      • Start with one of PEX’s Original merchant categories
      • Add or remove Visa MCCs to suit your needs
  6. Name the new merchant category
  7. Provide a description of it
    • The name of the new category must be unique -- you cannot duplicate or repeat names
  8. Click the green “Continue” button


    Select "New empty category" or "New category based on an existing category." Fill in Name and Description. Click the green "Continue" button.

  9. Add or remove MCCs to populate your new custom category:
    • Select an item in a box
    • Click the highlighted arrow to move the item to the adjacent box
  10. Click the green “Create category” button


    Click the right-facing arrow to add an MCC to the new Custom Merchant Category. Click the green "Create category" button.

  11. The newly created Custom Merchant Category will be added to the list of Merchant Categories.


The new Custom Merchant Category "Airlines" is added to the list of Merchant Categories, following the original PEX Categories


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