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Fixing Common Errors with File Imports

PEX cannot accept uploads in proprietary formats like “.xls” (Excel) or “.numbers” (Numbers)

  • Please make sure that your file is formatted as “.csv” (Comma separated values or CSV)

Some uncommon characters, like accented characters (e.g., é) or punctuation marks, may cause problems when importing files into the PEX system:

  1. The PEX system expects files to be imported in UTF-8 format
  2. After importing a file, if you see an odd character -- like a question mark, or a question mark in a black diamond where the character should be -- then the problem probably occurred because a file format is different from what the system expects
  3. Many of the most common office applications, like Microsoft Excel® and Apple Numbers®, let you save files in multiple file formats including “.csv”

 How to Save a File as CSV in Excel

  1. In Excel, use the “Save As” command
  2. Select the “Comma Separated Values (.csv)" Format to save your file as a “.csv” file


In Excel, use the “Save As” command to save your file in CSV (.csv) format


How to Save a File as CSV in Numbers

  1. In Numbers, use the “Export” command to save your Numbers file as a “.csv” file


In Numbers, use the “Export” command to save your Numbers file as a CSV document


Use "Format as Text" When Editing in Excel

If you are editing a CSV file in Excel, you may experience issues with formatting:

  1. Excel appears to drop leading zeros from zip codes for fields formatted as "General"
  2. To ensure that your file is saved correctly, please format all columns as "Text" before saving the Excel file as CSV


In Excel, edit all columns in “Text” format before saving the file as CSV


Check for Extra or Hidden White Space Characters

Sometimes hidden white space characters can cause problems in file uploads.

Make sure that blank columns are truly blank.

  • If you see an unexpected error (e.g., "State: NY is not a valid option for State"), the cause of the error may be an extra space either before or after the value
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