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How to Create a Bulk Card Order

To order multiple PEX cards at the same time, submit a Bulk Card Order Form along with the cardholder details.

How to Create a Bulk Card Order Through the Administrator Site:

  1. Log into the Administrator Site
  2. Click on the “Cards” tab
  3. Click on “Create a New Card Order” in the blue bar
  4. Check to see how many new cards are available to you under the terms of your current Plan
    • You will see the number of new cards available to your organization at the top of the page
    • To request an increase in the number of cards, contact Admin Support at


      Click “Create a New Card Order.” You can see how many new cards are available to your organization with your current Plan.

  5. Click on “Download Order Template” in CSV


    Click on "Download Order Template"

  6. Complete the Bulk Card Order Request Form in CSV (Comma Separated Value)
    • You can use the most popular spreadsheet editing programs to complete the file
      • Excel
      • Numbers
      • Google Sheets


        Use any popular spreadsheet program (e.g., Excel, Numbers) to edit the Bulk Order Template in CSV

  7. The authentication system will require cardholders to enter their year of birth or a 6-digit code sent to their email address when they register their cards
    • Please be sure that you provide accurate information
  8. When you select “Rush” or “Expedited” Delivery (Column K), you incur a shipping fee for each separate card shipment when you send cards directly to cardholders’ shipping addresses (Columns F and G)
    • If you select “Rush” or “Expedited” Delivery of all cards to one address, then you will incur only one “Rush” or “Expedited” Delivery fee
  9. Delivery Methods for cards:
    1. Free - USPS First Class Mail (10-15 Business Days) - No Charge
    2. Expedited - via UPS or FedEx (up to 4 business days) - $35 fee
    3. Rush - via UPS or FedEx (up to 3 business days) - $45 fee
      • Note: UPS and FedEx cannot deliver to PO Boxes
  10. Complete the Bulk Card Order Request form
  11. Upload the document on the card order page


CSV Details

All columns are required unless otherwise noted.

  • Columns A-E. Cardholder billing address:
    • Column A: Address line 1
    • Column B: Address line 2 (optional)
    • Column C: City
    • Column D: State
    • Column E: ZIP


Cardholder Billing Address

  • Columns F-J. Cardholder shipping address:
    • Column F: Address line 1
    • Column G: Address line 2 (optional)
    • Column H: City
    • Column I: State
    • Column J: ZIP


Cardholder Billing Address

  • Column K. Delivery Method. Must be one of the following values:
    • FREE
    • RUSH


Column K is Delivery Method: FREE, EXPEDITED, RUSH

  • Columns L and M. Contact Person for Expedited and Rush shipments:
    • Column L. Contact Name (optional)
    • Column M. Contact Phone Number


Columns L and M are Name and Phone Number for a Contact Person for Expedited and Rush shipments

  • Columns N-R. Cardholder details:
    • Column N. Cardholder First Name
    • Column O. Cardholder Last Name
    • Combined length of first + last name must be no more than 22 letters
    • Column P. Cardholder Email Address
    • Column Q. Cardholder Date of Birth
      • In MM/DD/YYYY format
    • Column R. Cardholder Phone Number
      • In XXX-XXX-XXXX format


Columns N-R are Name, Email, Date of Birth, and Phone Number of the cardholder

  • Columns S-T. Group Name and Ruleset Name:
    • Column S. Group Name (optional)
    • Column T. Spending Ruleset Name (optional)


Columns S-T are Group Name and Spending Ruleset Name of the cardholder



See "Fixing common errors with file imports in PEX"


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