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How to Change My Cardholder Username

 How to Change Your Cardholder Username

You can change your Cardholder Username both through the PEX Mobile App and through the PEX Cardholder Site.

Download the Mobile App:

How to Change Your Username Using the Mobile App

  1. Log in to the Mobile App
  2. Click the “Settings” icon at the bottom of the screen
  3. Click “Account Settings”


    Click “Settings” icon. Click “Account Settings.”

  4. Click “Edit” after Username


    Click “Edit” after Username

  5. Enter your current password
  6. Enter and re-enter the new Username
  7. Click “Save” to confirm the changes


Enter current password. Enter and re-enter new Username. Click “Save.”


How to Change Your Username Through the Cardholder Site:

You must be able to log into the PEX Cardholder Site at

To Change Your Username:

  1. Log in to the PEX Cardholder Site
  2. Click on your name on the upper left side of the screen
  3. Click the "Change username" button at the bottom of the page


    Click the “Change username” button

  4. Enter your current password
  5. Enter your new username
  6. Re-enter to confirm the new username
  7. Click the green "Save new username" button


Click the green “Save new Username” button 



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