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How to Attach a Receipt to a Transaction (Administrator Website)

Administrators can attach an image of a receipt to a cardholder transaction, through the Administrator site:

  1. Take a picture of the receipt
  2. Locate the transaction
  3. Upload and attach the image – one file per transaction

While uploading the image of the receipt, the PEX system will verify that:

  1. The image format is supported by the system:
    • .PNG
    • .JPG
    • .PDF (from the desktop)
  2. The file contains no malware or computer viruses
  3. The file is not corrupted
  4. The file is smaller than 10 MB

How To Attach a Receipt to a Transaction from the Administrator Website:

  1. Log into the Administrator Site
  2. Click on the “Cards” tab
  3. Click on “Card List” in the blue bar
  4. Navigate to the cardholder you want
  5. Click on the cardholder’s name
  6. Click on “Transactions” in the menu below the blue bar with the cardholder’s name
  7. Click on the transaction
  8. In Transaction Details, click on “Add Receipt” on the right side of the “Receipts” line


    Click on “Add Receipt” under Transaction Details

  9. Find the receipt on your local machine
  10. Click “Open”
  11. Click the green “Attach” button to upload the receipt to PEX


Click the green “Attach” button to upload the receipt to PEX

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