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Release Notes 23.0

January 3, 2019

Feature Releases


Attention: Pro and Infinite customers

1a) PEX Tags allow cardholders and admins to easily and flexibly classify transactions. Admins can now set an order for tags in the Tag Manager by simply dragging and dropping tags in the Tag Manager.

Tags will be shown in the defined sort order on all transaction detail screens and transaction review screens.

1b) . For tags of type “dropdown”, the tag options can be sorted by dragging and dropping on the tag creation/edit screen.

1c) The order of tag options is now preserved when importing tag options via a CSV. To change the order of tag options, you can drag and drop in a spreadsheet tool, or use auto-sort to order the tag options. Once you have saved the CSV in your preferred spreadsheet tool, upload the file to the PEX tag manager and the tag options will be re-ordered to match the order in the CSV.

1d) Easily change the visibility of tag options via CSV import. When importing tag options via CSV, you can set the Visibility of the tag options in the right-most column by entering “YES” for Visible or “NO” for hidden.


Attention: Admin and cardholder users

Admins can now enable automatic receipt reminder notifications to be sent to their cardholders’ mobile apps. This feature can be enabled on the business settings tab under the section titled “Receipt reminder for cardholders”.

In addition to enabling the feature, admins can also choose to only remind cardholders to attach receipts for purchases above a certain dollar threshold in accordance with their company’s policy.

Cardholders who have installed the PEX Mobile App for iOS or Android will receive a reminder notification 24-48 hours after their purchase if they have not yet uploaded a receipt. Tapping or swiping on the notification will bring the cardholder to the relevant transaction record. No reminders will be sent if the transaction has an attached receipt.


Bug Fixes and Improvements

Attention: Admin, Cardholder and API users

Bug fixes and improvements for PEX’s web, mobile and API products.


Cardholder statements now follow the business statement date setting when the business has a non-standard statement start date.

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